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2018 Year in Review

About the Report

This Year in Review report summarizes the research activities and outcomes funded by the AHRQ Health IT Program in 2018. The objective of this report is to support AHRQ stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, researchers, and policymakers, to:

  • Learn about the goals of Health IT Program-funded research.
  • Discover the innovative health technologies developed and tested by AHRQ-funded researchers, including new and emerging research in 2018.
  • Understand how the Health IT Program improves healthcare quality and safety at the patient, provider, and health systems levels.
  • Access learnings and products disseminated by AHRQ’s health IT-funded researchers in support of knowledge transfer and replication of successful health IT strategies that improve patient safety and healthcare quality.

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Research Summary

AHRQ’s Health IT Program is producing and disseminating evidence-based research about optimizing the use of health IT to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare.

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AHRQ-funded research generates findings that aim to make a tangible difference in patients’ health and engagement in their care; clinicians’ experience and effectiveness in providing care and treatment; and the overall effectiveness and quality of the services delivered through the health system.

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AHRQ continues to fund foundational research to identify solutions to ensure that health IT is designed and implemented in ways that improve quality and safety without placing excessive burden on users, including patients, physicians, and other members of the care team who use the technology.

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Patient Safety Health IT Research Spotlights

AHRQ Health IT Safety Investigators are Using Health IT to Make a Real Difference in Improving Patient Safety

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Research Dissemination

Dissemination of key research findings from AHRQ-funded Health IT work is critical to inform policy and practice.

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