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Advancing Research Evidence into Clinical Practice through Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

CDS helps clinicians, patients, and others on the care team by delivering the right information at the right time so they can make the best care decisions. When developed and implemented well, CDS uses patient-specific data and is guided by evidence-based findings to improve health and enable the best possible outcomes. AHRQ has a long history of investing in research about how to make CDS more effective, usable, and shareable.

The following is an example of exciting new CDS work funded in 2018:

A team of clinicians, researchers, and informaticists from the MedStar Health Research Institute is comparing CDS developed in isolation versus those developed using resources available on CDS Connect, a project funded by AHRQ to facilitate translation of evidence-based care into clinical practice with interoperable CDS. The implementation and testing will be conducted at four healthcare systems, representing different patient populations and two EHR vendors to facilitate a robust evaluation process. This systematic approach will allow for analytic comparisons within and across sites to identify efficiencies when using shareable and interoperable CDS resources.

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