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AHRQ’s Health Information Technology (IT) Program’s mission is directly aligned with the overall AHRQ mission. Through rigorous research, AHRQ generates the ground-breaking knowledge, tools, and data needed to improve health system performance and health outcomes. The research products yielded may be used by patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to make informed decisions based on the most current evidence available. Furthermore, AHRQ’s cutting-edge research galvanizes collaboration across agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with other partners to empower evidence-based decision making at all levels of the healthcare system and to achieve the goals of high-quality care, cost-effective spending of healthcare dollars, and improved health for the American people.

In 2018, the AHRQ Health IT Program supported:

141 research grants and four research contracts

awarded to over 75 distinct institutions

in 31 States and the District of Columbia.


In 2018, the AHRQ Health IT Program funded the following research in each state:

In 2018, the AHRQ Health IT Program continued to fund research in response to 18 past and present funding opportunities

The AHRQ Health IT funding opportunities are designed to fund health IT research that fill gaps in the knowledge and understanding of the field, which will lead to improved design of health IT systems. The program accomplishes this through a variety of grant and contract mechanisms that support different types of health services research projects, including:

  • Exploratory and developmental research grants that support research in the early and conceptual stages of development.
  • Pilot and feasibility studies.
  • Randomized controlled trials and other studies of technology effectiveness.
  • Secondary analysis of existing data.
  • Dissemination work that scales evidence-based research more broadly.

In addition, AHRQ supports the next generation of heath IT researchers by funding promising new investigators through awards intended to foster their career development in health services IT research.

In 2018, AHRQ-funded Health IT researchers:

Published over 100 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

Presented their research at a variety of health IT, medical, and other key conferences.