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Research Summary

The mission of AHRQ’s Digital Healthcare Research Program is directly aligned with the overall AHRQ mission. Through rigorous research, AHRQ generates the ground-breaking knowledge, tools, and data needed to improve health system performance and health outcomes. These products and tools are used by patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to make informed decisions based on the most current evidence available. Furthermore, AHRQ’s cutting-edge research stimulates collaboration across agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with other partners to empower evidence-based decision making at all levels of the healthcare system and to achieve the goals of high-quality care, cost-effective spending of healthcare dollars, and improved health for the American people.

AHRQ's digital healthcare initiative is part of the Nation's strategy for putting information technology (IT) to work in healthcare. By making health information available electronically when and where it is needed, digital healthcare can improve the quality of care, even as it makes healthcare more cost-effective.

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Key Research Findings

The Digital Healthcare Research Program funds research to create actionable findings around “what and how digital healthcare works best” for its key stakeholders: patients, clinicians, and health systems working to improve healthcare quality and safety. Learn more about the impact and key findings here.


Emerging and Innovative Newly Funded Research 

The Digital Healthcare Research Program at AHRQ continues to fund foundational research to identify and generate digital healthcare knowledge and tools that are shareable, standards-based, publicly available, and whole-person oriented. Funded research focuses on how digital healthcare solutions can be designed and implemented to improve quality and safety without placing excessive burden on users, including patients, physicians, and other members of care teams.

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