AHRQ evidence-based Care Transformation Support (ACTS)


AHRQ began the ACTS initiative in late 2018 to produce a roadmap to make its evidence, guidance, resources, and tools, in harmony with resources and tools from others, more FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable), computable, and useful. A key roadmap goal is to foster interoperable digital knowledge platforms from AHRQ and others that combine to form a knowledge ecosystem that fosters learning health systems and their success in achieving the Quadruple Aim.

In early 2019, the ACTS Stakeholder Community was formed to develop a shared future vision for health IT-enabled, evidence-informed care delivery and transformation that fully leverage AHRQ and other resources - and a stakeholder-driven roadmap for broadly achieving this future vision. This stakeholder community has grown to over 240 participants from many different stakeholder groups.

The ACTS roadmap initiative has helped inform requirements to achieve evidence-based care transformation efforts via an improved digital knowledge ecosystem for use by AHRQ and dozens of other public and private organizations.

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ACTS COVID-19 Guidance to Action Collaborative

Members of the Stakeholder Community have been working together under the ACTS COVID-19 Guidance to Action Collaborative to improve the development, dissemination and use of “living” COVID-19 guidance. The Collaborative goal is to continually enhance patient care related to the pandemic as the evidence base evolves, and to support those working along the COVID-19 'knowledge supply chain' (data-to evidence-to knowledge-to guidance-to action) to improve clinical guidance development and workflow integration for COVID-19 (and beyond) to make the knowledge supply chain more efficient and effective.

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  • 11/17/20 Presentation (PDF, 6.29MB) (Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this report. For assistance, please contact Corey Mackison): this slide deck was presented at the AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium.
  • 7/1/20 Presentation (PDF, 2.97MB): this slide deck was presented at the Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) Virtual Annual Meeting 2020 on 7/1/20. This presentation provides the latest update on ACTS. A formal report on the project and Roadmap is under development.
  • 11/18/19 Presentation (PDF, 1.26 MB): this slide deck was delivered to an ACTS Town Hall Session at the AMIA Conference on 11/18/19.