Section 9 - Concluding Comments

Deploying CDS in a manner that effectively addresses priority objectives doesn’t generally occur in a piecemeal manner (for example, through entirely separate initiatives for each target, such as medication use, regulatory compliance, and the like). Typically, a variety of targets are addressed in a somewhat integrated fashion within a broader organizational CDS program. Nonetheless, since improving medication management with CDS is such a widespread (perhaps universal) and important healthcare goal, we are focusing this book on this specific topic. Keep in mind, however, that insights conveyed here may be applicable to your broader CDS efforts, and likewise, pearls you may have gleaned from CDS initiatives focused on other targets may well help accelerate your medication management CDS efforts.

In any case, a systematic performance improvement (PI) approach based on careful attention to the CDS Five Rights, the full spectrum of CDS intervention types, and the interdependent nature of the medication management cycle, should help provide solid footing for your efforts. Inspiration from a vision of what optimal CDS-enabled medication management could be should further help you enhance your program so that it delivers optimal benefit today and in the future.

We will take a closer look at literature-suggested CDS targets in Chapter 2.