4th Annual Pediatric Telehealth Colloquium - 2010

Principal Investigator
Funding Mechanism
PA: HS06-074: Small Grant Program for Conference Support (R13)
Grant Number
R13 HS 018310
Project Period
September 2009 – August 2010, Including No-Cost Extension
AHRQ Funding Amount
Summary Status as of
August 2010, Completion of Grant

Target Population: Medically Underserved, Pediatric*

Summary: Regionalization of children’s services has led to higher quality care and improved outcomes for pediatric patients. However, regionalization can lead to disparities in access for children living in nonurban areas. Telemedicine allows pediatricians and pediatric specialists to provide care to children who live in rural, remote, and underserved communities, thereby reducing health care delivery disparities. The Fourth Annual Pediatric Telehealth Colloquium built upon previous conferences to show participants how telemedicine can be used in a variety of care settings, to increase quality of care and reduce health care costs, and how to create a financially-sustainable framework. The conference covered the topics of basic telemedicine and telecommunications technology; ways that telemedicine can be used to improve outreach, strategic, and administrative planning; funding opportunities; technical and equipment support; and techniques for education, research, and advancement of telemedicine in existing programs. The program was promoted to all remote sites that currently use telemedicine and those that are interested in using telemedicine. The conference subsidized the attendance cost of rural providers and providers working in medically-underserved communities.

Specific Aim:
  • Disseminate information about how telemedicine is used in a variety of care settings, how telemedicine improves access and increases education, and how to create a financially-sustainable framework to decrease disparities in care, increase the overall quality of care, and decrease overall health care costs. (Achieved)

2010 Activities: The conference was held on September 24 and 25, 2009 in Palm Springs, California, as part of the American Telemedicine Association Mid-Year Meeting. The learning objectives and main areas of the conference were: overview of current status of telemedicine in pediatric care; administrative and strategic planning; inpatient and outpatient specialty care; international telemedicine; education and telemedicine; child development and telemental health; and alternate applications of telehealth. All conference presentations were compiled on a CD, which is available to conference participants.

Grantee's Most Recent Self-Reported Quarterly Status (as of August 2010): The conference was completed in 2009 on time and on budget. There were no activities to report on in 2010.

Preliminary Impact and Findings: All conference presentations were compiled on a CD.

Strategic Goal: Develop and disseminate health IT evidence and evidence-based tools to support patient-centered care, the coordination of care across transitions in care settings, and the use of electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of care.

Business Goal: Synthesis and Dissemination

*AHRQ Priority Population.