Ambulatory Safety and Quality Program (2007-2013)


The purpose of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ's) Ambulatory Safety and Quality (ASQ) program is to improve the safety and quality of ambulatory health care in the United States. The program includes four health IT-focused ASQ initiatives. At the conclusion of each ASQ grant initiative, AHRQ developed reports that summarize the projects in each initiative and identify practical insights regarding the use of health IT to improve safety and quality in ambulatory settings.

Synthesis of Findings From Across the ASQ Program Initiatives

This report summarizes this information across the ASQ program, organized according to key aspects of ambulatory care that can be supported and improved through the use of health IT.

Findings and Lessons From the AHRQ Ambulatory Safety and Quality Program (PDF, 1.41 MB)

Detailed Findings From Each ASQ Program Initiative