Team Description

The state of Arkansas has been granted the opportunity through a subcontract to the Privacy and Security Solutions contract to perform an environmental scan of privacy and security issues which may serve as a barrier to sharing health information.  In order to improve the health and healthcare systems of Arkansas, technological advancements must be utilized to optimally incorporate an electronic health record as a resource to the healthcare delivery system in the state. The Privacy and Security contract allows Arkansas to assess privacy issues as well as develop a practical implementation plan to address any applicable barriers to health information exchange.  This project is a vital step forward toward improving the healthcare of Arkansans and the healthcare delivery system of the state.

How to get involved

Interested parties, both in the private and public sector, may become involved in the activities associated with the Arkansas HISPC subcontract by contacting a member of the project team listed in the contact section of this webpage. Additional information may be obtained by accessing the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement's website at

Associate Director, Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
Kevin W. Ryan, JD, MA


Policy Specialist, Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
Shirley A. Tyson, BS

HCQIP Manager, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
Nancy Archer, RN, CPHQ

Director of Policy and Planning, AR Department of Health and Human Services
Elisabeth Wright Burak, MPP, MSW


October 2006 Interim Assessment of Variation
Oct/Nov 2006 Regional Meetings
November 2006 Interim Analysis of Solutions
December 2006 Interim Implementation Plan
March 2007 Final Assessment and Analysis of Solutions
March 2007 Final Implementation Plans
March 2007 National Meeting
April 2007 Nationwide Summary


Links to relevant web pages

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