Team Description

The Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care (IFQHC) in partnership with the State of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is pleased to be part of the Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) project. Security and privacy of health information is critical to the successful proliferation of health information exchange. The ability of health care providers to have, at the point of care, key clinical information across the variety of care settings a patient has encountered, will greatly improve both the quality and efficiency of care that the patient receives.  This can only happen through the widespread adoption of health information technology and information exchange.  However, a significant barrier to the exchange of health information is the assurance that measures are in place so that the highest level of security and privacy of this information is maintained by all parties in which information is being shared.  Assessing current business practices and state laws surrounding security and privacy, providing recommendation for best practices and strategies for implementing them across the state and nation is the goal of HISPC.  IFQHC, the State of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Health are very excited about being a part of this very ambitious and highly needed project.

How to get involved

Assessing business practices about security and privacy of health information, identifying best practices, and providing effective implementation strategies will require input from business entities across the state. Health care organizations, insurance companies, health care health provider associations, and health care consumers across the state are all key stakeholders in this endeavor. As such, IFQHC and the State of Illinois welcome your involvement. Participating in working groups and providing feedback during public comment times are key ways to get involved and have your opinion heard. If you want to participate in this important project, please see the contact information below.

Project Manager
Shannon Smith-Ross, MPH, MS


October 2006 Interim Assessment of Variation
Oct/Nov 2006 Regional Meetings
November 2006 Interim Analysis of Solutions
December 2006 Interim Implementation Plan
March 2007 Final Assessment and Analysis of Solutions
March 2007 Final Implementation Plans
March 2007 National Meeting
April 2007 Nationwide Summary

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