Team Description

Information & Quality Healthcare (IQH) and its partners have been designated by the Office of the Governor, State of Mississippi, to assess how privacy and security laws and business practices affect the exchange of electronic health information. 

Widespread use of electronic health records (EHRs) offers a unique means of improving quality, lowering health care costs, and preventing medical errors.  Recent events in Mississippi, including Hurricane Katrina, have highlighted how important electronic records are for patient safety, health care provider coverage, and planning for community health. The goal of this project is to promote the secure exchange of patient health information among clinicians and others in a timely manner. 

Mississippi anticipates becoming a leader among rural states in the field of health information electronic transfer.

How to get involved

Ways for stakeholders to be involved in this project include the following:

  • Share research regarding the secure exchange of health information
  • Participate in listservs and discussion groups
  • Provide information on practices and organizations
  • Identify barriers and propose practical solutions to sharing electronic health information

To become involved in this important collaborative effort and be listed as a Mississippi stakeholder, contact one of the project staff listed below.

Title:    Project Director
Name:  Bo Bowen


Title:     Project Coordinator
Name:   Mary Helen Conner
Email:   mconner@iqh.org


October 2006 Interim Assessment of Variation
Oct/Nov 2006 Regional Meetings
November 2006 Interim Analysis of Solutions
December 2006 Interim Implementation Plan
March 2007 Final Assessment and Analysis of Solutions
March 2007 Final Implementation Plans
March 2007 National Meeting
April 2007 Nationwide Summary

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