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Governor Donald L. Carcieri has designated the Rhode Island Department of Health as the agency authorized to represent the state in the very important work of RTI's Privacy and Security Collaboration. Participation in this nation wide project is an important element in Governor Carcieri's "Anytime, Anywhere Health Information" policy initiative. His goal is that by 2010, the majority of individuals in Rhode Island will have their health information accessible electronically.  Today inRhode Island, there is significant energy and focus on realizing a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) that would support the authorized exchange of electronic health information among health care providers. This HIE initiative is being jointly coordinated by the State and the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI), a public-private collaborative, with funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). At the same time the RTI-led project begins, HEALTH will be working with a technical vendor, local health care organizations, private physicians and consumers to design and develop a statewide HIE.

Rhode Island recognizes that the challenge in realizing a broadly interoperable health information exchange solution lies in finding ways to translate the full scope of business, societal and personal interests into a technical approach that is financially, morally and legally justifiable. Therefore, Rhode Island and its many stakeholders welcome the opportunity to contribute to and leverage the HISPC process to help address the policy and legal issues required to realize the full value of electronic health information exchange.

How to get involved

Rhode Island welcomes and encourages the participation of interested organizations and individuals wishing to contribute to the assessment and refinement of current practices to support electronic health information exchange. Interested parties may serve the project in a range of capacities including: (1) providing details of their organization's current privacy and security policies and practices; (2) providing feedback on RI-specific project reports through the RTI HISPC Project web portal, in collaborative review sessions, by email, fax or ground mail; and (3) participating in open community meetings (dates to be posted on this website and announced through other channels) intended to elicit broad input on project work.

To get more information about Rhode Island's Privacy and Security project, please send email inquiries to Amy Zimmerman at Amy.Zimmerman@health.ri.gov or contact her by phone at the Rhode Island Department of Health at (401) 222-5942.

Project Director, RI Health Information Exhange
Amy Zimmerman


Project Manager, RI Health Information Exchange
Laura Ripp


VP, Rhode Island Quality Institute
Judith Wright


President & CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute
Laura Adams



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