Team Description

Governor Jim Doyle created the eHealth Care Quality and Patient Safety Board by Executive Order 129 on November 2, 2005. Its purpose is to develop a strategic plan for the statewide adoption and exchange of electronic health records in five years. The Board will conduct a comprehensive review, and develop recommendations in a number of areas including

  • Identifying existing ehealth resources, including funding sources, to support the development of a statewide ehealth information infrastructure;
  • Identifying technology options, and their advantages and disadvantages,for a statewide ehealth information infrastructure;
  • Identifying options for serving consumer health information needs;
  • Insuring health information privacy and security in electronic health information exchange;
  • Facilitating statewide adoption of electronic health record standards to enable health information exchanges across the state and nationally;
  • Creating organization and governance structures for a statewide ehealth information infrastructure.

Health care spending now represents a record 16 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. The goal is to take advantage of health information technology to improve health care quality and safety while reducing overall costs in the system.  Privacy and security need to be taken into consideration in the development of such a system.  The Board has established a Consumer Interest Work Group that will spearhead the effort to address how privacy and security laws and business practices affect the exchange of interoperable electronic health information.

Title: DHFS Chief of Staff for eHealth Initiatives
Name: Susan Wood

How to get involved

Stakeholders are welcome to participate in any of the eHealth Care Quality and Patient Safety Board (eHealth Board) work groups. All meetings will be held as open meetings, and information will be posted on the eHealth Board Web site.


All meetings related to this project will be open to the public.  Information related to upcoming meetings can be found on the eHealth Board's Web site. This calendar of events will continue to be updated as meetings are set and changes are made. 

Links to relevant web pages

Information related to the state of Wisconsin's electronic health initiative can be found on its eHealth Care Quality and Patient Safety Board Web site.