State and Regional Demonstration Projects (2004-2011)

What are State and Regional Demonstration (SRD) Projects?

Six States have been awarded 5-year contracts under the State and Regional Demonstrations in Health Information Technology (AHRQ-04-0015) funding opportunity from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Five States -- Colorado, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Utah -- started their contracts in October 2004 with one State, Delaware, beginning in October 2005.

Synthesis of Lessons Learned in the First 5 Years of State and Regional Demonstration Health Information Exchange Projects

This report describes each of six AHRQ-funded health information organizations from six States (Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Utah) and provides a synthesis of their experiences and lessons learned. These six States were funded to identify and support data-sharing and interoperability activities aimed at improving health care for patients and populations on a discrete State and regional level (PDF, 2.42 MB) .

Goals of the State and Regional Demonstrations

  • To identify and support State and regional data sharing and interoperability activities.

    • To allow clinicians access to patient information at the point of care through the use of information and communication technologies

    • To develop a health information exchange that connects systems of various local health care providers for better care coordination

    • To develop, implement, and evaluate a patient indexing system that allows public and private health care providers to share patient data

  • To demonstrate measurable improvements in the quality, safety, efficiency, and/or effectiveness of care resulting from clinical data exchange.

  • To identify successful strategies for the sustainability of health information exchange.

  • To identify programmatic linkages to other key regional and national health IT initiatives.

The six States are developing a variety of approaches to health information exchange (HIE), with different technical, business, and governance models. The latest information on each State can be found by clicking on the links below.

The SRD Project States


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