ACTS COVID-19 Guidance-to-Action Collaborative



Key Functions

  • Providing current answers for urgent clinical questions faced by healthcare providers and leaders: see COVID-19 Guidance Summaries (initially from Penn Medicine’s Center for Evidence-based Practice)
  • Helping guidance developers/others track COVID-19-related recommendations - and updates - from CDC and other authoritative agencies (this 'Workbench' functionality is in development and pending public release)
  • Fostering collaboration among those implementing the COVID-19 guidance summaries: via a Guidance Implementer Discussion Forum
  • Facilitating coordination/collaboration to optimize flow of COVID-19 "evidence - to guidance - to action - to data"

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Evidence Reports

For evidence reports from AHRQ's Evidence-based Practice Centers, e.g., Masks for Prevention of COVID-19 in Community and Healthcare Settings: A Living Rapid Review, see AHRQ's Effective Healthcare Program website's COVID-19 Resources page.

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