ACTS COVID-19 Guidance-to-Action Collaborative


  • Goal of the ACTS COVID Collaborative is to improve the development, dissemination and use of “living”, evidence-based COVID-19 guidance.
  • Users are participants in the AHRQ evidence-based Care Transformation Support (ACTS) initiative Stakeholder Community.


Key Functions

  • Facilitate coordination and collaboration to optimize flow of COVID-19 "evidence - to guidance - to action - to data and back to evidence" within the knowledge ecosystem cycle.
  • Provide "Participant Windows" where participants in the Collaborative's Learning Community share details of their knowledge ecosystem activities and needs; use these windows to promote cross-fertilization among efforts and accelerate individual and collective progress.
  • Help knowledge ecosystem stakeholders track changes to COVID-19-related evidence and guidance (this 'Workbench' functionality is in development and pending public release).

See Participant Window Summary Page

Learning Community Goals

  1. Cross-fertilize and accelerate current efforts to develop and deliver to care teams the latest COVID-19 evidence-based guidance - and tools to apply it;
  2. Measurably improve care and outcomes for COVID-19 patients and care teams in limited settings for selected targets being addressed by Learning Community participants in ways that can be scaled to many other targets and settings;
  3. Advance tools, standards, and collaborations that seed the digital knowledge platforms from AHRQ/others and related knowledge ecosystem components that enable learning health system to achieve the quadruple aim (see ACTS page).

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Evidence Summaries

For evidence summaries from AHRQ's Evidence-based Practice Centers, e.g., Masks for Prevention of COVID-19 in Community and Healthcare Settings: A Living Rapid Review, see AHRQ's Effective Healthcare Program website's COVID-19 Resources page.

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