All Workflow Tools

Although there are many different tools you can use to collect and analyze workflow information, appropriate use of the following tools will help you better understand current workflows, modify those workflows, or design new workflows that will make it easier to use your health IT application.

Tool Name Body

Benchmarking is a process of evaluating metrics or best practices from other organizations (either related or unrelated to your own) and then applying them to your organization.


A checklist is a form that is used for quickly and easily recording data or identifying actions or requirements. It is usually easy to extract data in a useful manner from a checklist. It is particularly effective at registering the occurrence of incidents, events, tasks, or problems.


Flowcharts visually convey the the steps in a process.


Interviews provide a means of eliciting information from a group of individuals regarding their opinions, behavior, or knowledge. They involve two or more people (interviewer and interviewee). The interviewer is the individual collecting data, and the interviewee is the person providing the data. Interviews can be face-to-face or conducted over the phone or with other electronic communication methods.

Usability Evaluation

A usability evaluation is conducted to determine the extent to which a system is easy to use or "user friendly."