Also Known As
Work Log
Work Diary

EHR Implementation Issues Log (PDF, 573KB)

Scanning Record Log (PDF, 12KB)

Timed Office Visit Log (PDF, 92KB)


A log is a generic data collection form used for recording what has been done, when it was done, who did it, and any other information pertinent to a situation. Since a log is generic, it is generally created to apply to the user’s particular situation. A log is usually in some type of table format, where there are columns for recording information such as time, location, and personnel, and then a main column for recording what happened or what was done. A log can be used to record pieces of information ranging from one word to a paragraph or even more.


To record any type of information from a process or set of processes in an organized format.

How do I use this tool?

1. DETERMINE OBJECTIVE of what one is collecting.


3. DEVELOP THE LOG. Format the log so that it would be easy for anyone to follow and use.

4. USE THE LOG to record the desired information identified in the second step. Do this until an acceptable amount of information is collected.

5. SUMMARIZE RESULTS in a meaningful way (e.g., grouping like information and noting its frequency).

Expertise Required
This tool is easy to use and requires little or no training.

Is easy.

Organizes information from a process or set of processes.


Most logs need to be created by the user or worker.

Analyzing content may be time consuming.