Requirements Table


The requirements table is a tool for identifying customers and customer requirements. The format separates users into four categories and requirements into two categories, allowing for a more complete list of customers and their requirements.


When creating or using a list of customers.

When creating or using a list of customers' requirements.

How do I use this tool?

1. DEFINE THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE and put it at the top of the form.

2. BRAINSTORM A LIST OF CUSTOMERS by thinking about who would care about the quality of your work or the method you use to do your work. Use the four categories to create a more complete list:
a. External customer. A purchaser or end user of your product who is outside your organization.
b. Internal customer. A user of your product who is a member of your organization.
c. Society. Typically includes agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. .
d. Supplier. Suppliers may be concerned about how materials are used or how information is communicated.

3. BRAINSTORM REQUIREMENTS for each customer and add them to appropriate columns. Keep in mind the two types of customer requirements: Product - requirements pertaining to the actual product itself. Process - requirements pertaining to how the product is created.

Expertise Required
This tool is easy to use and requires little or no training.

Identifies what is most important to customers.


Can be time consuming to create a complete list.

Where can I go to learn more?

Tague N. The tools. In: O'Mara P, editor. The quality toolbox. 2nd ed. Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press; 2005. p. 93-521.