Talk with other users of the system

1. Examples of benchmarking questions focusing on the health IT system’s impact on workflow

  • Workflow-Related Questions for Benchmarking (PDF, 15KB)


2. Why and how do we benchmark to assess workflow before selecting a health IT system?

By contacting other clinics that implemented and use the system you are considering (or have chosen) and benchmarking with them, you can answer the following questions.

  • How much support for assessing workflows did the vendor provide prior to, during, and postimplementation?
  • How much attention was paid to the administrative and clinical workflows preimplementation? Were they captured and documented?
  • Were postimplementation workflows developed before implementation?
  • What consequences did the health IT system have on workflow? How were problems addressed?
  • Is the software flexible enough to support varying workflows?


3. What will we do with the benchmarking information we collect?

The feedback you capture from benchmarking can be used to:

  • ask the vendor to respond to the negative comments made, design issues identified, and/or concerns raised by current users of the system.
  • inform your clinic’s decision regarding the health IT system you select.


4. What are the benefits of benchmarking with currents users before selecting a health IT system?

Capturing feedback on a health IT system from current users provides significant insight on the health IT system itself as well as the product vendor and their willingness to work with the user to optimize implementation.