Create checklists of job tasks and system requirements

1. Examples of checklists

  • Job Task Diary (PDF, 492KB)
  • EHR Implementation Checklist (PDF, 391KB)
  • Workflow Assessment Checklist (PDF, 72KB)


2. Why and how do we assess workflow using checklists when we are determining our clinic’s health it system requirements?

A checklist offers a simple means of understanding what people do. This can be accomplished by:

  • observing individuals as they perform their duties and recording what one observes. This is generally accomplished by someone who understands the tasks being performed but does not perform them on a regular basis.
  • having a clinician or other worker in your clinic record information on the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.


3. What will we do with the information we collect using checklists?

Understanding workflows will help identify the functionalities your health IT system must offer. You accomplish this by:

  • making sure the various tasks recorded on a task/role checklist are necessary and then ensuring the health IT system supports each task, and
  • beginning to determine how that task or the role of the person who accomplished the task will change after a health IT system is implemented.


4. What are the benefits of collecting this information?

Because of the widely varied and multiple tasks performed in your clinic, you can overlook tasks and interactions the health IT system must support. By not including workflow-related requirements in your request for proposal you may end up with system that otherwise would not “fit” in your clinic. Also, this information you collect can help you when you create flowcharts.