Finalize Workflows

Finalize workflows

1. Examples of flowcharts

  • Patient Check In (PDF, 18KB)
  • Patient Check Out (PDF, 18KB)
  • Post-Appointment Lab Visit (PDF, 17KB)


2. Why and how do we use the flowcharts we previously developed again, at this point?

By now your flowcharts will provide a meaningful visualization of the workflows you expect postimplementation. You should believe that the flowcharts:

  • convey the anticipated sequence of activities and tasks that will occur postimplementation,
  • identify who will most perform what activities and tasks, and
  • no longer include unnecessary or non-value-added activities and tasks.


3. What will we do with the flowcharts we created?

Flowcharting has helped you identify the how various work processes will be integrated into your health IT system. You can now:

  • confirm who will perform what tasks and when.
  • finalize the planned health IT system implementation process.
  • approach the implementation with significant confidence.


4. What are the benefits of finalizing the flowcharts before going live?

By finalizing flowcharts on how tasks and activities will be accomplished post-health IT system implementation, you will experience minimal:

  • patient delays,
  • billing backlogs, and
  • duplication of effort.

Flowcharts offer significant planning assistance related to both clinical and administrative workflows.