Usability Evaluation

Have providers, clerks, and others test the system

1. Examples of usability evaluations


2. Why and how do we conduct usability testing before selecting a health IT system vendor?

By conducting usability testing on a health IT system you are considering for your clinic, you can obtain immediate feedback from future users. You can:

  • ask users how intuitive the interface is.
  • ask users to assess the interface by navigating through the system in a manner that would support the way they do their work.
  • ask users if the system allows them to easily accomplish the tasks they must perform.
  • ask users what they like most and like least about the product when they finish “testing” the system.

NOTE: Test the system without the vendor present.


3. What will we do with the results of the usability testing?

The feedback you capture from usability testing can be used to:

  • ask the vendor to respond to the negative comments made, design issues identified, and concerns raised by potential future users of the system.
  • compare the various products being considered for your clinic.


4. What are the benefits of conducting usability evaluations before selecting a system vendor?

Including users in the selection of a health IT system is important to help gain acceptance and a sense of ownership of the technology. Usability evaluations provide a useful means of both involving the users and capturing their feedback in the selection process.