A Toolset for E-Prescribing Implementation in Independent Pharmacies

This toolset is designed to assist pharmacies in adopting electronic prescribing (e-prescribing). E-prescribing will allow your pharmacy to receive electronic prescriptions directly into your pharmacy software system and will allow refill requests to be sent electronically from your pharmacy to the prescribers' software.

The toolset also includes specific tools to support planning and launching e-prescribing, such as templates for communicating the launch to providers and patients, tools to examine and assess your pharmacy workflow, and a spreadsheet to determine your return-on-investment, among others.

Download Toolset and Tools (ZIP, 2.24 MB)



This toolset consists of seven chapters that provide guidance on topics ranging from planning the implementation process and launching the system to troubleshooting common problems and moving into more advanced pharmacy services (PDF, 1.03 MB) .


1. Tool 3.1 Patient Flyer

This colorful flyer announces your participation in handling e-prescriptions, answers patients' frequently-asked questions and encourages them to ask their doctor about e-prescribing. It also offers patients tips for dealing with e-prescriptions, such as expecting a transmission delay of up to 20 minutes. The flyer is available in English and Spanish and each language is also available in a large-print two-sided version intended for elderly patients.

  • English (PDF, 331 KB) 
  • English - Large-print (PDF, 288 KB)
  • Español (PDF, 351 KB)
  • Español - Impresión en tamaño grande (PDF, 347 KB)

2. Tool 4.1 Example Workflow Diagrams (PDF, 186 KB)

This tool contains example workflow diagrams.

3. Tool 5.1 eRx Net Benefit Calculator (XLS, 108 KB)

This tool is an Excel file that you can use to develop your own savings calculation. The file itself contains detailed instructions and separate tabs to enter data such as your own volumes and wage costs. Savings from new e-prescriptions as well as savings from electronic refill requests are calculated. Your particular costs and savings may differ from those shown; therefore the values will have to be set to reflect your particular pharmacy. Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in these files. For assistance, please contact Corey Mackison