Tool 3.1a: Goals Worksheet

Step 1. Review goals

Review what goals can be achieved with e prescribing. Here are some examples:

  1. Reduce medication errors.
  2. Reduce the time spent on phone calls, faxing, and call-backs to pharmacies.
  3. Automate prescription renewal requests and authorization processes.
  4. Increase patient convenience.
  5. Increase the use of more-affordable medication options.
  6. Reduce prescription drug misuse and abuse.
  7. Attain greater prescriber mobility.
  8. Qualify for incentive payments.

Step 2. Pick the most relevant to your practice

  • Goal 1.
  • Goal 2.
  • Goal 3.
  • Goal 4.
  • Goal 5.

Step 3. Choose priorities with stakeholders

Meet with stakeholders to frame the three highest-priority goals. Rewrite them in language that resonates with them. Write them here:

  • Goal 1.
  • Goal 2.
  • Goal 3.

Step 4. Plan

Determine an explicit target for each goal, plan to measure how well you achieve each target, and rate the feasibility of measuring each (1 = not feasible, 3 = very feasible).

GoalTargetMeasurement PlanMeasurement ResponsibilityMeasurement Feasibility (1, 2, 3)
Goal 1





Goal 2





Goal 3





Step 5. Create and print the goal poster

  1. Copy and paste the measurable goals into the PowerPoint poster file.
  2. Add a start date for each measurement activity.
  3. Print the poster at a copy center on 11x17 paper or have it enlarged to a bigger size.
  4. Put up the poster in a place or two where staff members will see it and be reminded of what they're aiming to achieve through their efforts to adopt e-prescribing.