Tool 5.2a Sample Task Table (No Delegation)

Scenario: Refill request received by phone or by fax before implementation of e-prescribing

DescriptionDocumentsKey information


Retrieve renewal request message(s) Office Staff Receive and transcribe Take or retrieve fax or phone message from a pharmacy or patient to request medication renewal; if phone, transcribe message to a note; call pharmacy to clarify request as needed Request fax or phone message Telephone message transcribed to notes


Retrieve patient information Office Staff Retrieving file Retrieve patient record and/or look up in practice management system; confirm that patient ihas established care with your office Patient record Patient identity for matching to paper record or EHR record


Deposit message with record for prescriber for renewal approval Office Staff Handoffs Put request in queue for provider Patient record, request Patient ID, date of request


Prescriber retrieve message with record Prescribing physician or nurse practitioner Research, review Review materials received, generally first come, first served Patient record, request Medical records, details of request


Prescriber approve or decline request or change medication Prescribing physician or nurse practitioner Decision on order Decide on request by looking up information such as last visit, lab results, current medication list, insurance coverage; complete prescription Patient record, request Prescription written, note re order


Give prescription and record to office staff Prescribing physician or nurse practitioner Handoffs Give all materials to staff Patient record, prescription Prescription details


Update record Office Staff Enter information in patient record Add information to patient record Patient record and order copy



File patient record Office Staff Filing Move record to file area Patient record



Transmit to pharmacy Office Staff Processing Transmit to pharmacy via fax or phone Prescription Pharmacy information including name, address, phone number