Tool 7.1: Timeline for Stand-Alone E-Prescribing Implementation

Week 5


  Technology Assessment

  • Determine if baseline specificiation are met


  • Prepare and provide IT needs summary

  Process Assessment (PA)

  • Identify current prescription writing access and processes
  • Identify demographic data fields of interest for extract
  • Define training approach
  • Schedule data extract teleconference dates (2) and training date
  • Collect registration forms


  • Inform implementation manager that PA is complete; Implementation manager will update scorecard
  • Provide to implementation manager:
    • process assessment summary
    • completed registration forms

Weeks 4 to 1


  Data Conversion

  • Contact practice to select/confirm teleconference date
  • Determine practice’s access to data prior to teleconference
  • Coordinate needed staff for teleconference, if obtaining data directly from practice
  • Register practice and providers


  • Advise implementation manager:
    • agreed upon webex or data acquisition date
    • method of accessing data (through practice or practice management system)
    • availability of desired fields
    • any unusual needs, costs, complications in data conversion
  • Provide data design document to practice, carbon copying implementation manager
  • Provide error log of missing records
  • Complete data conversion within 2 business days of teleconference date

  IT Install

  • Install hardware and/or software identified on approved PO
  • Provide to practice:
    • warranty information
    • virus protection information
    • system information
    • wireless and other passwords


  • Advise implementation manager of scheduled install prior to install date
  • Provide practice wireless password to implementation manager
  • Obtain practice signature on inventory of installed items, identifying install location for each item (e.g., front desk, physician’s office)
  • Advise implementation manager when install is complete

  Launch Day


  • Perform pre-training checklist items
  • Train practice members
  • Have practice complete “pre-training survey”
  • Provide application manual to practice


  • Provide feedback on training to implementation team


  Training or Implementation Manager

  • Provide onsite support to practice following training (1-3 days)
  • Make daily support calls for first week
  • Make weekly support calls for next 3 weeks
  • Maintain log of trouble ticket items, enhancement requests