Tool 7.2: Oregon Community Health Information Network Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation and Planning Tool

6 Months Prior
Leadership & CIT
(Clinic Implementation
Team) Engagement

6 Months Prior
Engagement: Work
CIT Meets Monthly

4 Months Prior
Logistics, Work
CIT Meets Bi-Monthly

3 Months Prior
CIT Meets Bi-Weekly

2 Months Prior
CIT Meets Weekly

  Major Activities: 
  • Understand Clinic Implementation Team activities from now until post rollout
  • Orient Clinic leadership to clinic rollout toolkit
  • Orient Clinic leadership to EMR features to be rolled out
  • Identify patients of the Clinic implementation team for the site
  • Acquire leadership commitment
  • Conduct initial site readiness survey
  • Develop communications plan
  • Conduct walkthrough for workstations and printers
  Major Activities:
  • Conduct first Implementation Team meeting: clarify roles, responsibilities, assignments, meeting schedule
  • Schedule CIT visit to ‘Buddy Clinic’ if appropriate
  • Review ambulatory workflows, identify changes and process for agreement
  • Complete 5 month site readiness survey
  • Implement communication plan-initial demo lunch sessions
  • Identify training, support work places
  Major Activities:
  • Understand the training approach: communicate and discuss with staff/clinicians
  • Schedule staff and clinicians for training
  • Design and amend workflows
  • Site support assigned: present at the clinic
  • Complete the 4 month readiness survey
  • Understand the patient communication plan
  • Complete lunch demos
  Major Activities:
  • Hardware installation plan finalized; hardware ordered for 60 days prior
  • Implementation team meets weekly
  • Vacation time/off guidelines discussed with staff/MDs
  • Complete the 3 month readiness survey and the 90 day checklist
  • Staff, clinician and locum schedules for training and support finalized
  • All clinic meeting and live demo, workflows
  • Identification of physician and staff champions
  • Engage medical records staff plan for transitions
  Major Activities:
  • Hardware installation including exam room computers
  • Finalize and lock into place the training schedule and locum schedule
  • Conduct operational workflow meetings with all teams
  • Complete 2 month readiness survey and 60 day checklist
  • Identify locum offices if appropriate
  • Conduct exam room computing training
  • Implementation team meets weekly, second ‘buddy’ visit
  • Clinic communication plan
  • Clinic leadership support
  • Map for WS and printers
  • Communications Plan
  • Complete 6 month readiness survey
  • Implementation Team ID’d
  • List of all providers/staff
  • Visit to ‘Buddy Clinic’
  • Implementation minutes and assignments
  • 5 month readiness survey
  • Agreed upon workflows
  • Lunch demos
  • Workspaces identified
  • Training schedule completed and communicated
  • Backfill/locums plan approved>
  • Patient communication plan
  • 4 month readiness survey
  • Implementation team minutes
  • Lunch demos
  • Hardware ordered, scheduled for installation
  • Implementation team minutes
  • 3 month readiness survey and 90 day checklist
  • All clinic demonstration and kickoff
  • Medical records plan
  • Hardware installed
  • Training schedule completed, locums secured
  • 2 month readiness survey & 60 day checklist
  • ERC training
  • Implementation team minutes

1 Month Prior
Communication Logistics
CIT Meets Weekly

1 Week Prior

Go Live

30 Days Post

90 Days Post

  Major Activities:
  • Launch patient communication plan
  • Finalize all workflows and communicate to clinicians and staff
  • Train CIT team prior to staff and clinician training
  • Order and stock a supply of downtime forms; communicate downtime process
  • Confirm logistics are still in place e.g. equipment, etc.
  • Conduct final lunch session demos
  • Confirm training sessions and appropriate access
  • Attend CIT meetings
  • Complete 1 month readiness survey and 30 day checklist
  Major Activities:
  • Lead and support transition activities
  • Resolve any outstanding issues
  • Confirm leadership well informed


  Major Activities:
  • 30 day post go-live readiness survey
  • Epic 30 day walkthrough if appropriate
  • Attend CIT post go-live meeting
  • Conduct weekly ‘huddles’ with staff and clinicians


  • 1 month readiness survey
  • 30 day checklist
  • Patient communications Plan
  • Lunch demo sessions
  • CIT meeting minutes
  • Training plan
  • Ambulatory record access codes ready for assignment