Tool 7.4: Sample MD to Pharmacy Outreach

To Our Valued Pharmacy Partner:

We would like to let you know that physicians at our practice are now able to send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies connected to a health information network (placeholder).

This means that our physicians will be able to respond electronically to refill authorization requests from pharmacies that are connected to this network as an alternative to time-consuming phone calls and faxes. Our physicians can also send new prescriptions directly to the computers at these pharmacies without faxing, phoning, or writing a paper prescription.

If your pharmacy is already enabled for e-prescribing, then we look forward to improving the safety and efficiency of the prescribing process through e-prescribing. If you are unsure, please contact your pharmacy systems vendor or your chain pharmacy support desk and ask whether your pharmacy is enabled for e-prescribing via our selected network.

You can find out if your pharmacy software is certified by our selected network for e-prescribing by calling them at (placeholder) or visiting their Web site at (placeholder). If you are using certified software, you should contact your software vendor to request the e-prescribing functionality.

Enabling Your E-Prescribing Connection to our selected network:

1. Call your pharmacy software vendor and tell them that you want to enable the eprescribing functionality within your pharmacy software.

2. Specify that you want to establish a connection to our selected network. This connection will ensure that you can receive new prescriptions on your computer as well as the ability to send/receive renewal authorizations electronically instead of byfax.