Young DW 1981 "Improving the consistency with which investigations are requested."

Young DW. Improving the consistency with which investigations are requested. Med Inform (Lond) 1981;6(1):13-17.
"The study shows how a computer-based prompt system improved the frequency with which a set of routine laboratory investigations were ordered. In the first study the number of tests not ordered fell from 68 to 16, and in a second study from 130 to 19."
To report on the effect of a "system on the requesting of a standard set of [laboratory] investigations."
Type of Health IT
Decision support system
Type of Health IT Functions
The computer-based decision support system "contains protocols for the investigation of 79 common acute medical problems." After patient information is entered, such as patient history, physical examination, and laboratory tests, a sheet is printed containing useful information for the management of each of the patient's health problems. During this study, the sheet included a reminder to perform certain laboratory investigations, including blood and urine testing and x-rays.
Workflow-Related Findings
"The number of investigations not ordered fell when the computer system was in use."
Study Design
Pre-postintervention (no control group)
Study Participants
Three doctors participated in this study.