Diabetes Mellitus

Multicomponent provider-patient intervention to improve glycaemic control in Medicaid-insured pregnant individuals with type 2 diabetes: Clinical trial protocol for the ACHIEVE study.

Developing and testing an integrated patient mHealth and provider dashboard application system for type 2 diabetes management among Medicaid-enrolled pregnant individuals based on a user-centered approach: Mixed-methods study.

ACHIEVE: Successfully Achieving and Maintaining Euglycemia During Pregnancy for Type 2 Diabetes Through Technology and Coaching


To assist pregnant individuals with pre-pregnancy type 2 diabetes with Medicaid coverage in reaching and maintaining normal blood sugars, this research will develop, test, and evaluate a digital health solution called ACHIEVE that includes a mobile health application, a provider dashboard, continuous glucose monitoring, and team-based coaching for medical needs and nonmedical health-related social needs.

Grant Number
R01 HS028822

Analyzing user engagement within a patient-reported outcomes texting tool for diabetes management: Engagement phenotype study.

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Prevent Diabetes Mellitus (PreDM) Clinical Decision Support Intervention in Community Health Centers - Final Report

Principal Investigator

Development of a novel clinical decision support tool for diabetes prevention and feasibility of its implementation in primary care.

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Engaging users in the design of an mHealth, text message-based intervention to increase physical activity at a safety-net health care system.

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Patient perspectives on a targeted text messaging campaign to encourage screening for diabetes: A qualitative study.

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