Dykes, Patricia

Transforming Guidelines into Action: Clinical Decision Support at the Point of Care

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AHRQ will host a presentation highlighting how panelists implemented patient-focused clinical decision support (CDS) tools using modern, shareable, and interoperable technologies.  During the webinar, expert speakers will share findings from their own research on how CDS tools can present healthcare providers with knowledge and patient-specific information at the point of care to enhance clinical workflow, outcomes, and quality of care.

Fall risk management using clinical decision support in a rural nursing-led primary care practice.

Principal Investigator

Summative usability of an interoperable computerized clinical decision support tool for fall risk management in primary care.

Principal Investigator

Clinical decision support for fall prevention: Defining end-user needs.

Principal Investigator

Shareable, Interoperable Clinical Decision Support for Older Adults: Advancing Fall Assessment and Prevention Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Findings into Diverse Primary Care Practices (ASPIRE)


The purpose of this research is to develop a standards-based, interoperable, and publicly available clinical decision support resource to aid primary care practices in instituting routine fall risk assessment and prevention care plans.

Grant Number
U18 HS027557
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