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Executive Summary

Chris Dymek, Ed.D.

Director, Digital Healthcare Research Division

"At the Digital Healthcare Research Program, our work is driven by a vision in which every patient and care team has ready access to health data and knowledge at the point of care. Digital healthcare technologies hold the key to this vision, and research holds the key to ensuring that these technologies advance care quality, safety, and effectiveness."

A message from the Director of the Digital Healthcare Research Program

The digital healthcare landscape continues its dynamic shift, as new technologies and methods are emerging rapidly.

At AHRQ’s Digital Healthcare Research (DHR) Program, we strive to inform digital healthcare evolution through rigorous research and evidence-based practice. Our portfolio focuses on three themes of vital importance to our program’s strategy for putting technology to work in healthcare:

This 2022 annual report features 16 research stories—told in the Principal Investigators’ own words—that capture the breadth and depth of our efforts to advance digital healthcare technologies to meet the evolving needs of patients, clinicians, and health systems. The report also demonstrates our commitment to advance knowledge and practice by disseminating findings and outcomes. This year, DHR-funded researchers engaged healthcare systems, providers, and implementers of healthcare technologies by sharing their findings at national conferences and webinars, and in more than 100 publications.

The research required to produce results that merit broad dissemination takes time and dedication. Our Research Spotlight this year underscores DHR’s steady commitment to time-tested methods and high-quality studies. In a year in which ChatGPT dominated conversations, we see this steadiness as an asset. The Research Spotlight explores the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and how decades of research on health information technology can help guide the development and implementation of healthcare AI.

In 2022,
DHR managed a significant body of research across these themes:

Grants and Research Contracts
Institutions across
States and the District of Columbia

Our investment this year totaled:
$29 Million including:

  • $14.3 million from DHR appropriation
  • $13 million from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund
  • $1.7 million from General Health Services Research appropriation

My colleagues and I are pleased and proud to share this report with the digital healthcare technology community and the many people who are working to improve healthcare for all Americans.

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